Parade vehicle information

The Committee would like to remind you of a limitation of the transport you may wish to use in this year's Carnival.

This, as you may already be aware, has come about with the increasing size of the transport being used by some of the entrants into the Carnival over the past years. After discussions between the local Police and the Ilkley Carnival Committee, the length of transport to be used either ridged or articulated should be no longer than 11 metres.

This is due to restricted entrance to the field, poor parking by visitors to the Carnival and difficulties controlling the number of public in the main gate area at the time of the procession entering the field. Therefore, in order to avoid a possible accident involving pedestrians, this vehicle limitation still applies.

The Committee is sure you will understand that our first priority is for the safety of the many small children and their families that attend the Carnival.

We hope this does not cause any inconvenience to your arrangements for the next Carnival. We look forward to your full support in this matter and to see you at the Carnival.

On the day of the parade, the Parade Co-ordinator will required sign confirmation by the driver of any vehicle participating in the parade on the day, to confirm they hold a valid driving licence, MOT and insurance for the vehicle they are driving.